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Nello L. Teer
Nello L. Teer
12/31/2012 9:57:03 AM
Born outside of Durham, NC in 1888, Nello Leguy Teer soon began a working life of odd jobs with nothing more than a third grade education. By the time he was sixteen years old, Nello worked as an assistant superintendent of a Durham brickyard. two years later, while operating a piece of equipment at the factory, Nello lost his right hand.   In the face of this adversity, Nello contemplated his future and knew he must rey on his brain rather than his brawn. In 1908, Nello began grading a baseball park using a few mules he rented from his father. Although the job resulted in financial loss, at the year's end he found himself the owner of forty mules and money in the bank. In 1909, he called himself, his men and his mules The Nello L. Teer Company.
Nello Teer served as the president of the company for over forty years and as chairman of the board for eleven years. During this time he developed his business philosophy: work hard, be absolutely square, use only the best equipment, and provide good living and working conditions for his help. Nello Teer was a prominent leader in the Durham community and in national and state contractor organizations. He served as president of the highway division of the American Road Builders Association and as president of the Carolina Road Builders. With his wife Gertrude Adcock Teer of Granville County, North Carolina, Nello raised two daughters and two sons. Aside from road building, Nello Teer enjoyed raising show horses and Guernsey cows. He passed away in 1963 at age seventy-five.
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