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Ramada Inn Quatar
Ramada Inn Quatar
10/28/2011 5:13:59 AM

Doha, Qatar (1976)
The Nello L. Teer Company moved into the Middle East at the end of the decade, signing up for two immense projects. Starting in 1976, the company spent three years in the small Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, building the Ramada Inn International Hotel in the capitol city of Doha. The five-star luxury hotel, with 12 stories and 400 rooms, was built for the Prince Ghanim Ben Ali Al-Thani. The oil-rich nation had become a center of activity, and the prince wanted to accommodate the businessmen and tourists drawn to the area. With temperatures reaching up to 125 degrees, the Teer force started their workdays in the early morning, taking a break during the searing afternoon hours. The Nello L. Teer Company completed the hotel in 1979, down to the silverware and place settings for the restaurant tables.

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